Hello and welcome to the SPIRITUAL SECTION of my website.

My name is Julie Poole. I have been consciously developing my spiritual awareness and knowledge for over 45 years, workingprofile pic professionally as a Hypnotherapist, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Psychic Reader since 2001.

I began seeing colour, energy, spirit and more in childhood. Slightly ‘freaked out’ by it, especially in the 1970’s when this sort of thing was rather ‘taboo’, I began reading everything I could get my hands on. Since the age of 13, I have read over 1000 spiritually based books, attended hundreds of workshops and seminars, studied everything I could from Angels to Astrology, Mediumship to the Law of Attraction, Emotional Energy and Healing, Crystals, Colour and everything inbetween! By the time I was a 38, at a time when many others were just beginning to ‘spiritually awaken,’ people saw me of something of an ‘expert’ in all that was spiritual, and began coming to me for understanding, lessons, classes and meditations, to help them understand their own spirituality. I began teaching in 2001 and have been teaching ever since. I, for myself, do not consider myself an expert in anything! Maybe “Jack of All Trades – Master of None”! I do however, agree that I know quite a lot after all these years, and am able to share and impart that knowledge to others in a way that they find helpful.

I have carried out 1000’s of readings and over 2500 hypnotherapy sessions, as well as teaching and facilitated many spiritual development groups and workshops. Many clients have come back time and again and have kindly recommended me to others.

I am also a published author of 3 successful romantic comedy novels. ‘Angel On My Shoulder -Sarah’s Story,’ ‘Angel In My Heart – Clarabelle’s Story’ and ‘Angel in my Fingers – Frieda’s Story.’ All my fiction books teach about Angels, the Universe, Universal Love and more, all wrapped into a fictional story, filled with humour, insight and love. Full details of my books can be found on my website www.juliepooleauthor.com

I hope you find what you are looking for through this site, whether it be to book a reading, to develop yourself spiritually and join my class, to connect with like-minded people, to arrange or learn healing, or to just browse.

You are welcome whatever your purpose.




More about my Spiritual Work

I work with God/Goddess/All That Is (Source), Angels and Archangels, and with my own divinity of Source within my beingness.

I am able to talk with your God/Goddess energy, your Soul, Higher Self, Angels and Guides, aura and energy, subconscious and cellular structure in order to help you on your path. I read energy, scan, clear and reset as much as I am able to within your highest good. I also teach Tarot and Reiki. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and also qualified in Past Life Regression as well as Hypnotherapy.

I’m also the author of 4 published books, all of which are on Amazon.

I have taught and facilitated many Spiritual Development Classes over the years, helping 1000’s of people to find their inner light, connection and own sence of ‘spirituality,’ individual to them.

I have carried ohttp://www.hsc.krisjonesdesigns.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/penzance-fayre-oct-09.jpgut thousands of readings over the years in my home, at Mind Body Spirit Fayres, at Psychic Parties and on my YouTube Channel.

Many clients have come back time and again and have kindly recommended me to others. I also carried out TV work for ITV1 West Country, during 2005 as a locally recommended psychic. (A researcher was ‘planted’ in one of my Spiritual Development Classes to check me out, and after a month of attended classes pronounced me genuine – a high accolade indeed! They hired me the next day!)

Occasionally loved ones do come through, but my main purpose is not to work as a medium, but rather, to help people find their feet and their way on their path, and to bring through guidance from their higher self to their conscious awareness.




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