YOUTUBE!!! Julie Poole YouTube Channel; self improvement videos

Hi Everyone Julie Poole YouTube Channel; Free self improvement videos and self help videos! I have been busy uploading lots of new videos onto my YouTube Channel over the past few months, many of which are not on this website. I am also doing FREE LIVE therapy streams from my Channel on a regular basis […]


How does CSA change you sexually? Who are you really, under the abuse? You probably don’t know, because sexually, you don’t know anything else other than who you are right now.   hi folks! This is my new video on Childhood Sexual Abuse and how it impacts on the Adult Survivor in their own sexual […]


LAW OF ATTRACTION – EVIDENCE! HOW REMOVING BLOCKAGES AND ALIGNING YOUR ENERGY STARTS THE FLOW OF ABUNDANCE, WEALTH AND PROSPERITY The Secret, Abraham Hicks, Jake Ducey and all spiritual masters suggest you align yourself and your energy with abundance, prosperity and self worth for your abundance to flow. This video is an interview with Trisha […]


hi Everyone My new video, HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT THE EASY WAY is available NOW. The FREE information sheet is also available for you to download on PDF from my shop page NOW! You will need to enter your email address to receive the PDF file into your inbox where you can keep, print or […]


UNDERSTANDING THE MEMORY BLOCKS OF YOUR CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE Here is a youtube video which shares information on childhood sexual abuse, and specifically memory. Many survivors can’t remember much or any of the abuse they suffered and they find this very confusing. I hope this video will go a little way to explain why you […]

Understanding the Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse – Facts!

hi everyone Here is a youtube video which shares information on childhood sexual abuse, the impact on survivors and the facts. I hope you find it helpful. There is also a FREE information sheet to go with this, which is a PDF file to download. You will find this on my shop page. You will […]

Introduction Video to Julie Poole Hypnotherapy

Click here for the video ‘Introduction to my practice’ This is a new video I made today to introduce you to my practice. It explains how I work and a little about my website and how to use it

Pass your Driving Test with Hypnotherapy.

Passing Your Driving Test I worked with a new client a few weeks ago to help her pass her driving test. It was purely nerves that kept getting in way, creating brain fog and panic, and resulted in several failed attempts. Her instructor had told her that she was more than ready, had the skills […]

Hypnotherapy for Physical Healing

Hypnotherapy for Physical Healing Some of you may know that I undertook a small surgical procedure two weeks ago to remove a BCC – basal cell carcinoma. This is a very common type of skin cancer. It is benign, but it can spread. It presents as a spot on the body, often on the face […]

Moving Past the Past: A Guide for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Julie Poole. BSc, SQHP.

Moving Past the Past: A Guide for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Julie Poole – BSc, SQHP. Moving Past the Past: A Guide for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse is my first non-fiction, self-help book, and is based on my fifteen years’ experience as a Hypnotherapist, my own experience and those of working with […]

Depressed or ‘Just Unhappy?’

Medicalisation – Depressed or ‘Just Unhappy?’ I see many people who come to me who have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety, and who are receiving medication for it. In almost all cases, in my opinion, (and I am not a Doctor), they are neither depressed, nor are they suffering from an anxiety disorder – […]

Hypnosis download for Chronic Illness and Pain

BLOG SPOT – HYPNOSIS DOWNLOAD FOR CHRONIC ILLNESS & PAIN Hi Folks! Each week I shall be doing a little blog spot to discuss one of my new audio downloads. This week it’s – ‘Learning to Love and Accept your Physical Body.’ The link to this particular download is here: Learning to Love & Accept […]

New Audio Downloads

hi Folks Well, its been some time since I created any self-hypnosis or meditation audio’s – 2011 in fact! So, I decided it’s time for some new ones. Over the last few years my work has changed much more towards Hynonotherapy for chronic illness and food intolerances, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, migraines, food sensitivities […]

Shop – Buy Self-Hypnosis Audio Downloads

Woohoo! After years of wanting to be able to offer audio downloads, I finally have it! My shop is now live, and has 2 free samples for you to ‘Try Before you Buy!’ One is a sample of my self-hypnosis audio’s and the other is a sample of my meditation audio. I do hope you […]

Mini Masterclass in Mind Control

Day 1 – Understanding the Mind, how it works, how our fears block us, and how to master our thoughts. Day 2 – Self Hypnosis Techniques Day 3 – Emotions and their effect on our thoughts and body and how to control them. Day 4 – Taking control of the Physical Body through mind control […]


“… Worrying that the worst will always happen!”       Catastrophizing is an irrational thought a lot of us have in believing that something is far worse than it actually is. It predicts a negative outcome and goes on to jump to the conclusion that if the negative outcome did happen, it would be […]


We all have times when we get anxious. It’s often temporary, born out of something that has happened that has thrown us out of kilter, but what happens when it doesn’t pass, when it isn’t temporary, when it becomes the normal status quo? Anxiety happens for many reasons, and ‘reasons’ is the key here. We […]

Food Intolerance

Some new information for you folks. This post is a bit long, but I wanted you to know about the work I do with food intolerance’s, migraines and chronic fatigue. If this is you, or you know someone who suffers, please read and share. Any questions, please feel free to ask, and to comment below. […]