My current availability for hypnotherapy sessions is 1-2 weeks, but, if your availability is limited to a specific day or time, you may have to wait several weeks. Please allow for timezones (mine is London GMT), and my working hours (10am-7pm Mon-Fri and 10am-4pm Saturday. Closed Sunday.)


Please follow these instructions.

To pay, please read through the instructions first, then go to the bottom of the page to the PayPal button. Choose the length of time and cost on the drop down menu, then simply click the ‘buy now’ button BELOW it in that section.


**** Once you have paid, please email me at  juliepoolehypnotherapy@gmail.com with the following information:-

1 – Your PREFERENCE OF HOW you would like to receive your session –  Options are: FACE-TO-FACE (in person), SKYPE, FACETIME OR FACEBOOK VIDEO.

2 – Your TIMEZONE and COUNTRY – Please allow for time differences as I may be 1-12 hours ahead or behind you, depending where you are in the world. Please check my working hours on the my working hours page and ask for a day or time that fits for us both.

3 – Your AVAILABILITY. Day, evening, Saturday only. (Please note – I do not work Sunday.)

I will then contact you to arrange your session and book you in at a mutually convenient time.

Cancellations: 24 hours notice is required to change or cancel a booking. If suitable notice is not given, sessions are not refunded.


FOR SKYPE – My Skype address is Julie.Poole63 (Please send me a Contact Request to my Skype user name in advance of the session.)

FOR FACETIME – Please note, I use iMac for FaceTime which needs an email address not telephone number, for both myself and the person having the session.

FOR FACEBOOK VIDEO MESSENGER – To use Facebook Video messenger, we have to use a profile not a business page. Therefore, please send me a friends request to my facebook link here – FaceBook link


PLEASE NOTE – If you do not follow these instructions you will receive an email from me stating – ‘Please follow the instructions on my website.’ I can’t book you in without the requested information as it takes loads of emails going back and forth, which often take me longer than the time that you have booked!



Cost – Hypnotherapy sessions are charged at £80 per hour. Session are payable via PayPal in GBP (PayPal will convert it for you automatically.) Sessions are usually between 1-2 hours in length. Full payment is required to confirm your booking and covers the first hour. Time and further cost over the first hour is to be paid immediately after the session by Paypal or BACS. Fixed fee sessions are available for those on low income. Clients paying with a Voucher should let me know this at the time of booking their session. Cheques are not accepted.

Cancellations: 24 hours notice is required to change or cancel a session. If suitable notice is not given, sessions are not refunded.

Free consultations are available and last approximately 15-20 minutes.

By booking a session it is assumed that you are agreeing to these terms.

Number of sessions: The number of sessions a person needs in order to resolve their issue will vary from individual to individual and is also dependent on the type of problem they are seeking help with.  The number of sessions needed can vary from just one session up to 15 or even more.

GIFT VOUCHERS – You can use these buttons to buy a Gift Voucher. Please let me know in the email / contact form that the session that you have paid for is a gift for someone else. I will then email you a voucher which you can use to pass on to the person to whom you are gifting the session.