Whilst you are in a state of hypnosis, you are resting somewhere, quite peacefully, between wake and sleep. You are fully aware of your surroundings and outside noises. Whilst in this dreamy state between wake and sleep your mind is at rest and is very susceptible to suggestion. At any time, you can reject a suggestion if it doesn’t feel right to you. These accepted suggestions are then placed into your subconscious mind, which upon waking, you begin to act upon. You are not under the control or command of the Hypnotherapist, you are however under their influence, but only with your agreement. At no point are you unconscious and you will remember everything.

20 minutes hypnosis is equivalent to 4 hours sleep – you will awaken feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and very relaxed.

Every problem has a solution and a good Hypnotherapist will work with you to find it! The general success rate for Hypnotherapy is generally between 75% – 98%. My success rate is over 99%. I have worked with over 2000 clients since 2002 and have failed to help just 4 people out of those 2000 plus.

All sessions are strictly confidential.

How I work

I work with my clients by using a combination of different therapeutic techniques to alter negative thoughts and belief systems. A session includes an element of counselling and therapeutic tools, including Behavioural therapy, CBT or Psychodynamic therapy. Behavioural therapy includes the use of changing conditioned or ‘learned’ behaviour. CBT or ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’ works to change negative thinking patterns which restrict you, and psychodynamic therapy works by tackling underlying subconscious and unconscious issues. Many clients need a combination of these techniques depending on the issue they are seeking help with. Some techniques are used under hypnosis, others are used in one to one counselling sessions before, and again after, the hypnosis session. I also use various emotional releasing techniques. For every negative thought that is held, there is a negative emotion to accompany it. It is therefore essential that the emotions are also acknowledged and safely released in order to bring full peace.

Free consultation sessions can be arranged when requested.