When we go through a difficult time in our life we often find ourselves reaching for something to make us feel better, stronger, more able to cope.  We look for a prop.  For some, this can easily and quickly turn to dependency and before long, this dependency can escalate to addiction.  The prop has become the problem rather than the solution.  When I work with any client with an addiction I treat the underlying cause; the reason they looked for the prop in the first place.  By removing this, we can then work on removing the habit of the chosen prop, freeing the client from their dependency and addiction gently and effectively.  These are some of the things that people can become dependent on.  This list is not exhaustive:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Substance abuse
  • Tobacco and Cigarettes
  • Gambling
  • Shopping
  • Food
  • Relationships
  • Sex
  • Body Building; use of steroids, overly working out.
  • Exercise; gym, running, cycling obsessively