Children’s minds are very open and susceptible, making them really easy to work with using Hypnotherapy. They can suffer from trauma, nightmares or find it difficult to cope with change. Things like divorce, moving house or issues at school can very easily create problems. This can lead to challenging behaviour, bed wetting and insecurity. In addition to this, children are very susceptible to fears and phobias like the dark or spiders. Children’s hypnotherapy can really help. For more information on this service please contact me.

I have successfully worked with many children using Hypnotherapy and it has been really effective.  In order to reassure the child, a parent would normally stay in the room during the session.

I am DBS* verified, which means I have been verified as safe to work with children and vulnerable adults.

*DBS is ‘Disclosure and Baring Service’ which used to be called CRB ‘Criminal Records Bureaux’.  I hold an enhanced level DBS dated April 2016.