Panic Attacks

Miss Y has just completed 3 sessions with me for panic attacks.  Her GP suggested she find a hypnotherapist and try it as all medical treatment had failed.  She had been suffering 2 or 3 panic attacks a day and had done so for eight years.  After just one session with me they had reduced from this down to just experiencing 2 attacks over a week.  After the second session they had disappeared completely.  After the 3rd session she had rebuilt her confidence and self-worth and is no longer suffering from any panic attacks.  MR B had suffered from panic attacks for 10 years and it had affected his work, job and relationships. He had tried counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapy. Although they had helped him manage and reduce the severity of his attacks, they had never gone and still impacting upon his life. I was able to identify the cause of the issue, and to clear all of this within 4 sessions. He is now a confident, happy young man.


Ms M was 32 years old and had a stutter since she was a young child. She had 3 sessions with me and managed to gain control of it.  Her testimonial is available to read on the ‘testimonial’s page’.

Sports Performance

Mr Y was a gifted young rugby player and on the verge of being picked up professionally. However, he suffered from a lack of self-belief in his skills and abilities which held him back. We were successfully able to remove these blocks in one session.  Another client, Mr R was active in the cycling circuit but after a nasty fall on a downhill race had lost some confidence and trust in his ability, skill and judgement.  Again, this was removed in 1 session.  A further client had some blocks on the golf course with some particular swings. We identified the cause of this and removed it.


Mr X was unable to form any lasting and meaningful relationships and had major problems building and forming intimacy.  We were able to identify and clear his blockage in 1 session.  He later met a lovely girl and was engaged to be married within six months!

Shock & Trauma – Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Mrs T had witnessed a fatal accident and was having nightmares, problems sleeping, felt stressed and anxious and kept reliving the accident. We were able to clear the trauma in 1 session.  Another client, Mrs T described herself as a shadow of her former self, following her son’s near fatal car accident.  She was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome and we were able to work together to help her regain her old equilibrium within 3 sessions.


Mrs Y had a phobia of fire for 37 years. She has not been able to be in the same room as a living flame for any of that time. Restaurants with candles, pubs with open fires, anything! She was 83 years old when she came to me. (You’re never too old!). We worked hard on her phobia over 5 sessions. By the end she was totally cured and was blissful that she had freedom to go where she wanted now without restriction.


Miss A came to me to stop smoking. She also had trouble sleeping and had not had a full night’s sleep in 10 years. We cleared both in 1 session. She rang me 3 days later to say that she had slept for England over the previous 3 nights and felt like a new woman. She had also not had a cigarette since the session and had no desire for one whatsoever. She asked my permission to recommend me to her friends and colleagues.

Alcohol Dependency

Mrs M came to me for help with controlling her alcohol intake which had spiralled out of control. At the time she was drinking between 4-6 bottles of wine per week. We were able to change the attitude to alcohol and break the habit within 2 sessions. There have been many clients with similar issues. Having a glass of wine at the end of a hard day can so easily turn into a habit and increase to the point where it is effective health, sleep and can quickly spiral out of control. I have helped many clients regain control of their drinking quickly and easily.

Weight & Eating Disorders

Miss G had suffered from anorexia for 30 years. She regularly starved herself for days, ate very poorly, was obsessed with weighing scales and her energy and health was poor.  We cleared it within 6 sessions. Another client, Mrs T suffered with bulimia for 27 years. She regular binged and then made herself sick. We reduced this in two sessions and completely cleared it within 5.  There have been many clients who have lost control of food, who have lived on and off diets for years and who come to me for help. I have been able to help them regain control, build a new relationship with healthy food and turn their health and weight around. My work with weight is lasting, permanent and successful.

Sexual Abuse

Mrs X came to me for issues which resulted in her feeling out of control for much of the time and were affecting her life, her relationships and her happiness.  This anxiety was as a direct result of childhood abuse she had experienced many years before.  She was fearful, anxious, had regular panic attacks, angry outbursts and was overly protected of her children.  She was aware of it all but could not control it or stop it.  We worked together over a 3 month period and gradually and gently freed her from her past which had been dominating and controlling her present.  She is now calmer and happier and has a much improved life for both herself and for her family.