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allergy foodSome new information for you folks. This post is a bit long, but I wanted you to know about the work I do with food intolerance’s, migraines and chronic fatigue. If this is you, or you know someone who suffers, please read and share. Any questions, please feel free to ask, and to comment below.



Food Intolerance, Chronic Fatigue and Migraines
When I work with food intolerance’s, I look beyond the obvious, the gut; I look within the cellular structure of the body for the problem – problems that are almost always caused by past stress and trauma, both of which are highly toxic to the body, and it is here that I find the answers. So how does this work?
When we go through drama, trauma, pain and suffering, much of the trauma is held within the body on a cellular level. That energy, whether it is memory or the emotion of the event, is stored. It produces toxins which leak, over time, into the system. Gradually, being under constant pressure from attack from these toxins, the system begins to go into defence mechanism, and eventually it begins to shut down. People find they begin with a few intolerance’s, usually the obvious ones of dairy and wheat, and gradually, these increase to other food groups. Life begins to get smaller, more and more restricted, until food eventually becomes the enemy. The battle ground is drawn, antibodies are on hyper alert constantly, and the defence mechanism of the body is at war with food. Sufferers usually spend a fortune on various nutritional experts, many tests, try a multitude of different things, and many work, but it is a combination of the biochemical approach coupled with hypno/trauma release/brain retraining that really works.

So how do we get rid of it?
I begin by working with you to release, clear and eliminate emotional baggage within the body and mind. Then we move onto negative beliefs and patterns within the thinking. Gradually empowerment and confidence are restored, balance begins to come back to the body, and it is at this point that we begin to ‘talk with the body on a cellular structure’. Sound weird? Yes! Does it work? Yes! Although there are no guarantees of course, and everybody is different, in every client I have worked with, I have seen significant improvements, and in some cases, a total reversal back to full health.

What happens is this: your subconscious (which knows absolutely everything about you!), under hypnosis, begins to show you where the toxic energy is stored within the body – maybe in your arm, your leg, your chest. Let’s take an example – you were screamed and shouted at as a child, heard awful things that a child should not hear – the energy is stored in your ears. You saw things you should not have seen – eyes. You experienced physical abuse – could be anywhere. You experienced sexual abuse – again anywhere, not necessarily just within the sexual organ areas. The body holds these memories within the area of abuse and leaks out toxic energy over years and years. You may feel the result of that within the exact location – constant weakness in that area, or you may not. Often times, the toxic energy leaks out into the body and makes its’ way into the gut. The gut feels under attack and goes into defence mode. It becomes increasingly sensitive, almost paranoid to anything, and begins to attack anything that comes its way, leading to food intolerances. Pressure builds, leading to migraines. Migraine-HeadacheEnergy is dark and heavy, debilitating, leading to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Your body will find its own way to react to the toxins, moving you towards the one that is the easiest for the body to cope with. Whichever one it is for you, it doesn’t have to be this way.


By working to release these different pockets of toxic energy in the body, balance can gradually be restored, and wellbeing and freedom to eat what you want, returned. At the same time as the body is being freed from the trauma, the cognitions (beliefs and thoughts) are also being changed, a reprogramming of the subconscious and body begins to happen. It is usually a fairly lengthy process, often over many weeks or even months, but eventually, you get there. My work is a combination of conditioning, reprogramming, CBT, behaviourism, psychodynamics, emotion code, energy release, Reiki and intuition. It may all sound very ‘airy fairy’, but it works!

Clients usually work with me weekly, for the first 6 weeks, then move to fortnightly, gradually increasing the gaps between sessions until the work is complete. Often this work is not easy. It can, and often does, bring up memories from the past, painful memories. The work can be intense, draining, emotional and exhausting. Yes, it’s hard work, but isn’t your illness, your life restrictions, your energy restrictions? Are you willing to take a chance to find your wellness? Have an open mind and call me for more information. I offer a free consultation to all clients to talk through the issues, have a chat about how it works and get to know me a little. If it feels right for you, then we book 1 or 2 sessions initially, then review.


Please feel free to comment on this blog. Its my first one, so please be gentle!

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