Hypnosis download for Chronic Illness and Pain

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Hi Folks!

Each week I shall be doing a little blog spot to discuss one of my new audio downloads. This week it’s –

‘Learning to Love and Accept your Physical Body.’

The link to this particular download is here: Learning to Love & Accept Your Physical Body

My new self-hypnosis audio download has been created to help those who have suffered from a long term illness which has resulted in physical pain, low energy and physical sensitivities. Illnesses such as: Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, food intolerances and reactions, and migraines… if this is you, you have probably come to see your physical body as the enemy, hurting and attacking you relentlessly. Your body has become the enemy, you are at war. This download will help you to make friends with your body, help you see that it too, is suffering, and begin the process of healing. Listen to it daily for best results. This CD works alongside Learning to Love Yourself which goes hand in hand with Learning to Love & Accept Your Physical Body It also goes alongside My Body Can Heal – Part 1 & My Body Can Heal – Part 2

“So what is this about and how does it work?” I hear your ask yourself. Well, let’s suppose you have pain in a particular part of your body. Why is it there? What has caused it and what is it trying to tell you? Yes, I know this sounds potty, but your body can and does try to talk to you through pain, to share with you and to give you clues so that you can sort it out!

Before you can ‘learn to love and accept your physical body,’ you first need to make friends. You need to listen, open a dialogue, communicate, and be prepared for your body to tell you what’s going on. And be prepared for your body to have a bit of a moan at you! (Let’s be fair, if I was picked on, criticised and told off all the time, I wouldn’t be best pleased either! I might sulk, turn away, not want to talk to you, so be patient.) You will probably find, if you’re really honest with yourself, that you moan at your body a lot – damned migraine, again! Gut’s killing me, again! Argh! Etc, etc….

You may have been at war with your body for some time, hating it. Guess what? It hates you back! So, to turn this around, we need to call a truce, end the war, make peace, and build a new relationship based on mutual trust and respect.  Think about a real war, one between two countries… you don’t just end the war and then be best buddies overnight… there is mutual mistrust, and that takes time to heal and rebuild. You need to have peace talks to build that trust. So how do you do this?

The first thing you can do is to begin the process of ‘hearing’ your body. Step 1; do a body scan. Stand in front of a full length mirror and examine yourself. Every single bit; bit by bit. Start at your head – examine your face, your hair, your neck and work your way down to your toes. As you are travelling down the body, ask yourself, “Do I have a good relationship with this bit of me? Do I accept it, care for it and support it, or do I hate it?”  Don’t get me wrong – we all have bits of a our bodies we would prefer to be different (bigger bust, tighter bum, straighter nose, etc – but I’m not talking about these minor things. I’m talking about the ‘REALLY don’t like’ bits!). If you get any of these, or any ‘hates’, you have a problem. This is good! This problem highlights an issue, and now that you are aware of it, you can begin to heal it. You start accepting that part of you, you release the negativity around it, and you begin to make friends with it in a loving, supportive way.

Step 2 is to focus on that area which is in pain, and ask yourself, is there any memory of trauma, drama, shock or anger in this area. If there is, release it. Step 3 is to pour lots of love and support into that part of you that was hurting physically, into the cellular structure. Gradually, you will find that your body starts to work with you, your pain subsides, the attacks of physical pain less frequent and shorter, and bit by bit, you come into freedom from pain and suffering, and into wellbeing and health.Now, this is all based on the fact that you even want to make friends with your physical body. To get to that point, you first of all need to make friends with yourself. I’d recommend listening to  Learning to Love Yourself before you do this one Learning to Love Your Physical Body After these two, move on to My Body Can Heal – Part 1My Body Can Heal – Part 2

These audios work together to build up a strong body and mind, as well as a happier body and mind!

(No substitute for working directly with me on a one to one level via skype, as many of my clients do from all over the world, but a great substitute, even if I do say so myself 😉 )

My new audio will help you to create a new relationship with your body. Use as often as you need to until you begin to feel the benefit.

Learning to Love & Accept Your Physical Body

These audios are a great help to support your sessions with me if you are working with me, or if you can’t get to work with me on a one to one basis.




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