Hypnotherapy for Physical Healing

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Hypnotherapy for Physical Healing

Some of you may know that I undertook a small surgical procedure two weeks ago to remove a BCC – basal cell carcinoma. This is a very common type of skin cancer. It is benign, but it can spread. It presents as a spot on the body, often on the face because it has the most exposure to the sun.

My spot looked like any normal spot/zit. It was by the side of my nose, about 1cm under my right eye and about maybe 2-3mm in size. I waited for it to do what spots normally do – to come to a head, look nasty and then disappear – but this one didn’t. It just sat there for 18 months refusing to budge! Eventually I mentioned it to my GP, who decided it was probably benign skin cancer and referred me to the Dermatologist that works out of my surgery once a month. Sure enough, four weeks later I was in to see him. He agreed, and referred me to the Consultant (a plastic surgeon) to remove it, all under our lovely NHS. I waited just six weeks for my appointment and off I went for the procedure. I thought they would cut it out under local anaesthetic and I would have maybe one tiny stitch. I didn’t take anyone with me as I thought it was a simple, easy procedure.

Oh dear me, no! I left the surgery a little shaky, well, to be honest, very shaky! There was an enormous dressing over half my face and my eye felt decidedly weird! I wondered if I had the wherewithal to drive the seventeen miles home, I felt so wobbly! I focused, drove slowly and carefully and reached the safety of home without incident where I promptly collapsed in a heap on the sofa, and where I remained for the rest of the day. I cancelled clients booked in for later, with my apologies that I had not expected to feel so rough.

<<<< Day 1

Later than night I removed the dressing and was quite gobsmacked to see the length of the wound and the amount of stitches. Yikes!

It turns out that my tiny, weeny spot must have been a bit of an iceberg because the wound went from the corner of my eye right down and into my nostril. By now, my right eye had swollen, effecting my vision, my body felt in shock and I was in considerable pain. I went to bed and went into a deep self-hypnosis state to focus on healing the wound and my body.

Healing the Wound

First of all, I focused totally on the shock and trauma within my face, cells, nerves and eye, and I spoke gently to it in my mind, sending it lots of love and cuddles. I reassured it that it was safe now, it was all over, it needed to be done etc., and then I asked the shock and trauma to exit my body by draining down from my face, down my body, into my toes and out. I visualised it doing this, giving it all my attention and focus, and lots and lots of love. I then imagined/manifested healing energy coming into my hands from both Reiki (I am a Reiki Master) and from Angelic, Universal Healing and directed it into my face. I told the cells they could heal, that they were powerful, strong and beautiful and that I loved them.

I did this every night for ten days.

The surgeon told me that it can take up to a year for the face to fully heal and for the scar tissue to gradually disappear following this procedure. I didn’t accept that. I decided long ago that my body is an incredible healing machine and can heal from anything, and can do it quickly. It is this mind-set and attitude that I believe, creates the healing. What you can conceive you can achieve, and I achieved this in just fourteen days. The evidence speaks for itself. I am wearing no make up on my skin at all in any of these pics. By day 10 I was able to wear some eye makeup and lipstick, which made me feel a whole heap better. I even had a night out on day 12 and had a lovely time.

Day 2 Day 5        Day 10          Day 14

I am no spring chicken (I will be fifty-four in a couple of weeks), and yes, young people do heal quicker than older people, normally, but when you use a combination of hypnotherapy, positive thinking, loving affirmations and gentleness into the body, you can speed up the healing process, no matter what your age. I also believe that my body is my equal partner, friend and ally. We work together, as a team, and I treat it with love, care and respect. It needed my compassion, care and attention, and I gave it to it, in bucket-loads. I did not use anything on the wound except for vasaline. I drank lots of water that week, avoided alcohol and stress, rested a lot and listened to my body, regularly asking it what it needed. It happily recovered, quickly, easily and gently.

<<< This is me now, on day 15. Back to normal nearly and feeling totally fine 🙂

Don’t underestimate the power of your mind, or the power of your body to heal. When you combine this focused thinking with directed thought, love and care, you can achieve great things.

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