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My new video, HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT THE EASY WAY is available NOW. The FREE information sheet is also available for you to download on PDF from my shop page NOW! You will need to enter your email address to receive the PDF file into your inbox where you can keep, print or share it.

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There are many parts to losing weight, and in this information sheet I will try to cover them all.


Beliefs – these beliefs, usually from childhood, have programmed you to want the unhealthy foods. “Eat all your dinner and you can have a pudding,” is a phrase you probably heard. “Don’t throw food away, it’s wasteful!” is another. “If you’re a good girl/boy you can have sweeties.” These are programmes that are heavily installed in our subconscious, and have programmed us to believe that sweet, sticky, starchy food is reward. The same food is also seen as comfort. This results in a massive battle when we are trying to eat healthily, as these beliefs keep sucking you back to old, bad habits. Other beliefs are around your confidence, self-belief and motivation – when these are low and negative, they also get in the way of losing weight easily. If your beliefs are filled with doubts, fear of failure, it won’t work, what’s the point, or I’ve no willpower, you will find it very difficult to lose weight. It is your subconscious that drives your behaviour, and these beliefs are heavily entrenched there. In order to lose weight easily, it is essential that these beliefs are erased and replaced with new beliefs that do help you. This can be done through hypnosis, self-hypnosis, meditation, counselling or CBT.


Emotions – many people either overeat or eat the wrong foods when they are stressed, bored or low. It’s important to release emotions and stress that keep us stuck in these bad habits which result in comfort eating. Meditate, listen to audio downloads to re-motivate and lift you, go into therapy or counselling, take a holiday, go for a walk in nature – do what you can to lower your stress and raise your mood. It makes a huge difference.


Self-esteem – when our self-esteem, self-worth and self-respect is low, it is extremely difficult to motivate yourself to want to eat healthily. Why take care of someone you don’t particularly care for? Raising self-love and self-esteem so that you want to take care of yourself, your body, your energy and your life better is a large part of losing weight easily. These can all be increased and begin to work with you, instead of against you. Start working on your self-esteem and self-love and watch the difference!


How to change old patterns?

Begin to change your thinking on, for example, throwing food away – it’s not a mortal sin you know! Give yourself permission to leave food when you have had enough, rather than pushing yourself to finish it. It can either go in the bin, or into a container and stored for another time. After a while, you will find you put less on your plate to begin with. Move onto the next pattern, and break it with conscious effort, and then work on the next. (This can be done very easily with hypnosis. See below for details.)


How much should I eat?

Approximately 4 times the size of your closed fist is the size of your main meal. Close your hand, imagine 4 of them, and visualise them on a plate. Try to make your meals this size.


What proportion should I eat?

Of those 4 fists, one is for protein – meat, fish, (e.g. one chicken breast)

One is for carbs – potatoes, rice, pasta

And two are for veg or salad – your vitamins and minerals

Basically, half your plate should be veg and only one quarter should be carbs. This is where most people go wrong, not with what they eat, but the proportions of what they eat.

The half of your plate with the carbs and protein is your energy side. You can drop the carbs or the protein but you will need to replace it with double the protein or double the carbs or you will find your energy goes too quickly.



Mix and match your colours every day. Basically, Mother Nature makes it really easy for us to have a nutritious balanced diet – if it’s a different colour, it’s a different content! Yellow sweetcorn has different vitamins to orange carrots, to purple beetroot, to green peas. Mix and match your salad, fruit and veg over the course of a week to get every colour of the rainbow onto your plate. This way you are getting all the nutrients you need. And, don’t forget protein is colour too! White chicken breast has a different vitamin content to red beef, or pink pork. Red salmon is different to pink, to bass, to white cod. Mix and match your fish and meat too. If you are vegetarian, research different contents of the various proteins that you use to replace animal products. Notice that most of the carbs are white? White is starch, and is full of sugar. It’s also really bad for our digestion (think about what your gran did with starch – sprayed it onto shirt collars and cuffs to make them nice and stiff! Do you really want that in your gut?) Try to limit your carbs and don’t have them at every meal. Once a day is fine.

Eat the right oils and fats – we, like a car, have many moving parts. Imagine your stomach’s digestive system like the engine of a car. What fuel are you putting in? A diesel car will stall if you put petrol in it. Your gut is the same. It doesn’t like rubbish fuel! Start to see food as fuel. Ask yourself, where is the fuel, where is the value, where is the protein, vitamins, minerals? And, like a car, your body needs water, or it will overheat and get bunged up. Drink plenty of water. And, like a car, you have many moving parts that need oil, or they will rust up. Your elbows, ankles, hips, knees, neck and skin all need oil, but the right oil! Processed oils are not great – full of chemicals and additives. Try to use natural oils as much as you can. You can get these from nuts, olives, olive oil, coconut oil and fish. Try to introduce as many of these into your diet as you can.


The 80/20 rule

Your digestive system can cope with a certain amount of unhealthy food, IF it is strong and healthy. The general rule is to try to eat healthy 80% of the time. This gives your gut and bowels a fighting chance to then deal with the other 20% – the takeaways, the odd snacking, the odd pizza, and it will cope just fine – but it needs to be in good shape first. For the first couple of weeks, try to eat healthy as much as possible, (this gives your gut a chance to clear out and sort itself out), then go for the unhealthy stuff some of the time. 20% is one day in four, which isn’t too bad, but if you want to lose weight, try to limit it to one day in seven.


What to avoid.

BREAD! All wheat is refined and processed, no matter how ‘healthy’ the advert tries to tell you it is! It bloats you up, causes IBS, wind, cramps and massive weight gain! Pasta runs a close second place in my book. It’s wheat, very starchy and very unhealthy! Try to have rice, rice noodles or a jacket potato instead. Much healthier!

Processed foods – your body hasn’t changed in 50,000 years. You are still an animal and your body was designed to eat what nature gave it, in its most natural form. Try to avoid processed foods completely. Ask yourself, “Does it look like it did in the field/sky/river/sea?” Your body knows what strawberries and honey is. It knows what to do with it. It doesn’t know what to do with white, refined, bleached, processed sugar! It knows what to do with a chicken breast, but it doesn’t know what to do with a processed, coated chicken Kiev, or chicken nugget, smothered in gluten, flour and other additives, chemicals and toxins. The more you eat healthy, natural, rainbow food choices, the more your body and digestive system will respond and the more weight you will lose. In addition to this, by eating right, your energy increases. This means that you spend less time vegging out in front of the sofa, and more time active – even if it’s just pottering around the house. The more active you become, the stronger your muscles get, and the more energy you use and need, and the more weight your body will shed.

Dairy – we weren’t designed to drink cow’s milk. No other animal in nature uses another animal’s milk! It’s too rich for us and our digestive system struggles with it. Limit or remove as much dairy as you can. It’s high in calories and fat. Alternatives are goat’s milk, coconut milk, almond milk and soya. All of them have higher levels of calcium, and lower salt and lower sugar and fat than cow’s milk.


The focus of this regime is not actually to diet or to lose weight, but to be and eat healthy. When you do this, the weight will start to drop off, all by itself!


Good luck! And, if you need help to change those programmes, increase your motivation, self-love and self-belief, see below for help from my website.




If you would like help to lose weight you will find help on my website, or you can book a free consultation to discuss working with me 1 to 1 as a client. All the details are below.

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