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Woohoo! After years of wanting to be able to offer audio downloads, I finally have it! My shop is now live, and has 2 free samples for you to ‘Try Before you Buy!’ One is a sample of my self-hypnosis audio’s and the other is a sample of my meditation audio. I do hope you enjoy them. (Click the link below to take you to My Shop.)

My Shop

The audio’s there at the moment were recorded back in 2011. There are 4 self-hypnosis audio’s – Building Happiness and Confidence, Stop Smoking, Lose Weight and Increase Success. There are also 2 meditation audio’s – one is a short, 13 minute meditation into inner peace, the other is a full length deeply spiritual meditation. Over the next few weeks I will be recording new self-hypnosis audio’s and adding them into my shop as they’re finished.

You can buy any of these with a click, and the download will be sent to you immediately. These are MP3’s and can be listened to on any device, including smart phones, laptops, pc’s and ipads.

I’ve added a list of new ones coming (it’s at the bottom of the page) but if there is something that you’d like that isn’t there, please let me know and I will record it and put it on there for you.

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