Pass your Driving Test with Hypnotherapy.

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Passing Your Driving Test

I worked with a new client a few weeks ago to help her pass her driving test. It was purely nerves that kept getting in way, creating brain fog and panic, and resulted in several failed attempts. Her instructor had told her that she was more than ready, had the skills and the know-how, but those nerves just kept getting in the way! On every test, she just went to pieces, and failed over and over again. She came to me in desperation.

I was able to establish that she was already carrying a lot of stress and anxiety, pressure and strain from her day-to-day life, and was emotionally ‘full.’ You will have heard of me talking about the ‘emotional ball’ before, and how our emotions get parked in there. Her ball was so full that there was nowhere for any new stress to go, so when she went to do a driving test, a situation which will naturally cause angst, it just became overwhelming. Her brain went to mush, she couldn’t think clearly, making silly mistakes and failed her test, repeatedly!

I worked with her to release all her emotions and empty her ‘emotional ball.’ We cleared all her stress, then worked on her fear of failure, rebuilding her confidence and ta-da, she passed her test the following day! It took just two sessions over ten days to do it. Smashing! I do love a happy ending!

This will also work for any test or exams, presentations and job interviews. I can’t guarantee that you will pass, of course, but if you have the skills and the knowledge in the area, these sessions can and do give you the best possible chance of success to achieve your goal.

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