When we suffer trauma such as sexual or physical abuse it can result in feeling out of control, fearful and frightened for many years afterwards and occasionally, permanently.  It can have a debilitating effect on life, relationships and general happiness.  Survivors of abuse are often fearful, anxious, have regular panic attacks, depression, angry outbursts and for those with children, can also result in being overly protective parents.  Many clients are aware of it but cannot control it or stop it.  By working together we can gradually and gently free you from your past; a past which often dominates and controls the present in a negative and destructive way.  Together we can create a calmer and happier you, improving life for you and giving you the peace that you need within you.  I have successfully worked with the following:

  • Adults who suffered sexual abuse in childhood
  • Rape and sexual assault victims
  • Physical and mental abuse victims