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Below, you will find 2 sample links which enable you to listen to my voice, tone, speed and general energy.

Link 1 – Free Sample of Self-Hypnosis Audio’s

Link 2 – Free Sample of Meditation Audio’s

Increase Happiness & Confidence (40 minutes) £10

This will help you to remove blocks and barriers, negativity and sadness and rebuild your confidence, self-esteem, self-belief and happiness. Use as often as you need until you feel stronger and happier.


Meditation into Inner Peace (13 minutes) £6

This will take you into a deep place of peace within you, reconnecting you to balance and tranquility. Use daily for best results.



Into the Higher Realms Vol III – A deeply spiritual meditation journey (52 mins) This will take you on a journey into your soul and the universe, reconnecting you to All That Is and more. Use when you feel lost, alone and unsure to regain your equilibrium. £10



Stop Smoking (37 mins) £10

This will help you to find your willpower, determination and motivation to stop smoking and stay stopped! Use daily for best results for one month, then as a top up whenever you need it.


Lose Weight, Feel Great! (43 minutes) £10

This will help you to remove your desires and needs for unhealthy food and develop and promote new desires for healthy food, rebuilding a new relationship with food, yourself and your health. Use daily for best results until your new programme is automatic.


Increase Success & Abundance (36 minutes) £10

This will help you to remove negative beliefs around money, life and limitation, and rebuild your belief in abundance, success and ease. Use when feeling lost and low about money to refocus your attention on success.