Every person wants to be healthy, fit and look their best.  Every person knows what they should and shouldn’t eat to be healthy.  The issue that prevents weight loss for many is the habit and desire that has formed towards unhealthy and fattening foods which is ingrained into the thinking, creating a battle that constantly rages between what you should eat and what you actually want to eat. There are also deep-seated beliefs that go against the desire to lose weight, which are called ‘subconscious blocks.’ I work with clients to change their thinking, remove their blocks and build a new relationship with their body and with food.  Clients begin to want and desire healthy foods and their motivation and determination to become healthy increases, along with their confidence and energy.  Losing weight becomes easy, the battle and yoyo diets a thing of the past and a new healthy lifestyle is adopted.

The following list is typical but not exhaustive:

  • Chocolate / sweets, carbonated drinks,
  • Sugary, sweet food
  • Starchy food – bread, cakes, biscuits
  • Pastries – pies, pasties
  • Fatty foods – high fat foods such as burgers, pizza’s
  • Fast foods – takeaways, ready meals
  • Binge eating
  • Poor portion control
  • Poor Eating patterns – skipping breakfast, lunch
  • Avoidance or dislike of vegetables, greens, fruits
  • Lack of adequate water intake